• 3 Tips For When You Are Looking at Buying a Phone System For Your Business
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    3 Tips For When You Are Looking at Buying a Phone System For Your Business

    It’s not a big secret that when you run a business you often need a more advanced phone system than what you’d use in your home. The good news is that there are telephone systems designed and developed especially for businesses that offer a variety of advanced functions. The main thing to remember when purchasing these systems is that you need to have a good understanding of your telecommunication needs so you know which features will be the most beneficial to you. Here are some tips on choosing the right telephone system for your business.

    The Size of Your Business

    The size of your business will most certainly play a huge role in what kind of telephone system you need. A small business that only employs several people may need a very basic telephone system while a large business with hundreds of employees may need a much more complex system. This may seem rather obvious but make sure you’re searching for the right service that is appropriate for your company’s size.

    The Location of Your Business

    Another important factor when choosing the right telephone system for your business is being able to integrate the system into your business as efficiently as possible. If your business is all located in one building this is much easier. However if your business has multiple regional offices you may find it a bit more complicated. Sticking with the same service for all of your offices can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Not only will the technology integrate and work together much better it will also eliminate any need to learn a new system if employees are transferred from one location to another.

    Special Features

    This is probably the most important factor in choosing a telephone system once you’ve decide what size you …

  • Work From Home Computer Business
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    Work From Home Computer Business

    Everyone wants to have a work from home computer business. But not everyone has what it takes to stay at home and run their own business day after day. There are certain things needed in order to be successful at running your work from home computer business. Below are 3 of the many areas you will need to look at when you are considering your work at home business.

    1. Capabilities. Do you have a good internet connection on your personal computer? Do you have the ability to make phone calls from your computer? And what would a work from home computer business be without a high quality printer? The first thing to look at is if you have the capabilities of running your business from home.

    2. Determination. Are you absolutely determined to do what it takes to begin a new business? Are you willing to spend the time it takes to learn about the business you want to start up? Do you know how to research all the different areas of that business on the internet?

    3. Self motivation. How motivated are you to start up your very own work from home computer business? Some people are just not focused enough to be able to discipline themselves to stay at the computer and do what it takes to get a business up and running.

    Are you able to motivate yourself each day to go to your PC and operate your business?

    You will need to create a schedule and be able to stick to it in order to be successful at your work from home computer business, no matter what type of work you end up starting.…

  • 3 Tips For Success With a Home Based Computer Business
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    3 Tips For Success With a Home Based Computer Business

    A home based computer business will work to your advantage when you learn some of the tips and tricks associated with this type of online activity. Though it is not a difficult task, your dedication and consistency will hold the key to your success. 3 tips to help you with the task are discussed below.

    1. Disciplined approach

    When you set up a home Internet business for the first time, your major threat comes from lack of discipline. With no offices to report to and no time keepers staring at you, there is a tendency to be slack in your work. You need to understand that every business is a serious business and there is no room for slackness. There must be a specific work space and schedule which you adhere to religiously.

    2. Focusing on long term opportunities

    Some forms of home Internet business have a short tenure. It could be just a small assignment and then you are left looking for the next client. In some other cases, the flow of work is almost regular, but the compensation may be on the lower side, at least at first. You should weigh the situation carefully before declining long term opportunities that are less remunerative. Long term business opportunities will also build your confidence level to take on higher challenges.

    3. Focus on quality

    Whatever be the home based business you choose, you should focus on quality. People part with their money only to get quality services or products. If you adopt short cuts or other dishonest methods, your customers will move away quickly and you will be left with negative feed backs. Building trust and positive feedbacks work like oxygen for your home based computer business.…

  • What Do You Need Before Starting Your Own Computer Business?
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    What Do You Need Before Starting Your Own Computer Business?

    You have the skills needed to maintain a small business network. And you even get a little money starting. But you are wondering if that is enough. What exactly do you need to start your own computer business?

    Is certification absolutely necessary? Do you have to invest in expensive equipment or software? Do you need to borrow capital to get started?

    My answer to this question is that you really don’t need much at all. In fact, the new technology available today makes it very easy to offer maintenance services that are very reliable, very profitable by using software that is cheap, or even completely free.

    The days of jumping from one crisis to the next, relying on enough problems that occur during a month so you can pay the bills are long gone … A profitable model in providing IT support is to offer a solution that is managed continuously for small businesses at a rate permanent. This basically means you prevent problems that affect your small business clients … before a disaster strikes.

    So, the short answer is if you can maintain a small business computer network, then you already have what it takes to start your own computer business, easily one of the best IT Career career choices you can make.

    With this, of course, more certification and training means you can offer more solutions to your clients. So even though certification is not absolutely necessary to run your business, advanced training can only function to increase the level of service you can provide.

    One of the best parts of running your own business is that you can choose exactly what you want to be an expert at. Instead of being forced into a role as an employee or as part of a larger team, when you …

  • Effective Small Business Computer Infrastructure Investment - How to Spend Wisely
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    Effective Small Business Computer Infrastructure Investment – How to Spend Wisely

    As a small business owner, figuring out how to spend your hard earned money on computer systems, both hardware and software, for your small business can be very daunting.

    IT can easily become one of, if not, the most expensive overhead area of your business outside of staffing. Couple that with the headaches that can come from having systems which are unreliable or which don’t work smoothly, and you’ve got an area of your business which is begging for your upmost attention.

    For the purpose of this article I’m talking about small businesses with between roughly 6 and 50 computers. The reason I’m highlighting this size of business is that these businesses are typically too small to employ full time IT people but are large enough to have a network of computers with many of the same needs as a larger business. Additionally, once a business grows to this point, the owners or managers usually recognise the need to start doing things properly.

    Some of the main areas that businesses of this size should beware of are these:

    Choosing one or more servers which are robust enough for their business. You don’t want to overspend here, but you don’t want to go too cheap. A good system such as Microsoft Small Business Server has good security and offers many valuable business features such as those found in Microsoft Exchange for managing email and shared calendars.

    Firewall/router that can do what you need. Most small offices have a home grade router. These firewalls typically only offer very basic firewall security and features and should really only be used in businesses with less than about 6 computers. For instance many of these don’t actively check data being transmitted through them (stateful packet inspection). Most of these SOHO grade routers don’t include VPN …