• Why is Abode Flex a Popular Platform For RIA?
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    Why is Abode Flex a Popular Platform For RIA?

    Adobe Flex has acquired worldwide acclaim as one of the best platform for building Rich Internet Applications along with Adobe Flash. Flex is the latest technology on Macromedia flash software that can provide with full fledged web applications development environment. The Flex applications are popularly built on Flex SDK, Adobe Flex Builder 3. This is due to several reasons its high productivity, free open source framework, and ability to make expressive web applications.

    It is a very efficient application that can be run on any of the browser with Flash player and on the desktop with Adobe AIR. Not only this, Flex can also provide with real time data with the help of server side technologies such as Java, , or PHP.

     The components of Flex Builder include Abode LiveCycle Data Services ES, Adobe Flex Charting, and Adobe Flex SDK. This is advantageous for the developers as well as the end-users as this kind of programming module enables you to build scalable and reliable solutions.

     Flex also provides with the facility to redesign as and when required.

     Business systems, network, communication standalone custom solutions, CRM and ERP systems, video and audio messaging solutions are possible with Flex.

    Several development and programming solutions can be built by flex such as business analysis and specification development, client side programming, server side programming, and Flash design in Flex. It is a medium through which you can build engaging desktop applications that can enrich your web based applications. Hope this helps you to build better RIA through Adobe flex.…

  • What Should Be in My Internet Marketing Business Funnel?
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    What Should Be in My Internet Marketing Business Funnel?

    This article is specifically written for online marketers who either currently have a subscriber’s list or for those who are planning on starting one. To make good money online, you need a variety of products in your sales funnel at various prices points.

    Before we get into the real content of this article, it’s important to remember that every niche is different. The type of niche you’re in will determine your subscriber’s response rate. Your subscriber’s response rate also depends on the quality of your traffic. Most internet marketing niches require traffic that is content-rich. For example, when people read one of your content-rich traffic sources such as an article or blog post, they learn more about you and your offer than if they read a two-line ad you created. So, when they subscribe to your list, they already know a little about you and what to expect.

    One thing every internet marketing needs in his funnel is a freebie. This can be in the form of a short report, an e-course, etc. Most people aren’t going opt-in to your mailing list just because you ask them to. You need to give them something free upfront in exchange for their names and email addresses. Your freebie doesn’t need to be a 90 page ebook. I recommend creating something short, but packed full of good information. Don’t use crappy PLR content that has been rehashed. Use the knowledge you possess in your niche to create, unique, valuable content. It’s always better to over-deliver.

    Next, you need entry level products. The price point for these products will vary greatly from niche to niche. However, for most niches, $27 to $67 is a good range. These entry level products need to contain much more content than your freebie. If it’s garbage, then don’t …

  • Microsoft NET Framework Secure Coding Guidelines
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    Microsoft NET Framework Secure Coding Guidelines

    A report published by SANS in September 2009 entitled “The Top Cyber Security Risks” found that web application attacks constituted more than 60% of the total attacks observed on the Internet. SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS) and file inclusion were the three most popular techniques used in successful attacks. All three are the direct result of lax data validation and insecure code.

    The easiest and most effective way to implement data validation on forms within your web application is to use the validator controls provided by  Framework. The Validator Control provides validation of form data sent in POST requests on the server side and data entered on the client side using JavaScript.

    There are six controls included in the framework: RequireFieldValidator, CompareValidator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator, and CustomValidator.

    Parameterised SQL queries are a secure alternative to concatenating chunks of SQL syntax with user input and prevent SQL injections. Placeholders are used to represent where user input will be substituted into a query, and the user input is validated before substitution occurs. Using parameterised queries also offers some performance benefit, as strings are no longer being concatenated, which can be computationally intensive.

    The Microsoft Anti-XSS Library is an encoding library designed to help developers protect against cross-site scripting attacks. This provides a whitelist approach that defines a valid or permitted character set and encodes anything outside that set.

    Request validation is a feature that is activated by default in the Framework which identifies suspicious user input strings and stops the execution of pages by throwing exceptions. However, that will not prevent all possible attacks and should not be relied on.

    It is important to have defense in depth, as it is possible that one or more aspects of your information security may be circumvented or broken at any time.…

  • Internet Application Development and the Solutions
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    Internet Application Development and the Solutions

    With the growth in the IT industry many organization have started to demand for internet application development solutions which can help to provide these organizations with complete online solutions. These solutions include website designing, development, e-commerce solutions, web promotion and SEO (search engine optimization) and web site maintenance services. Internet application development can provide the best technologies available in the market and provide simple, classy and efficient web solutions. The websites which are created using this solution is fast loading and has excellent navigation along with top search engine ratings. The pages are designed to meet international standards and can include professional website designing, rich graphic designing, logo designing and various other web based solutions.

    Internet application development solutions can help to create smart websites which can attract a large number of visitors and can help to convert them into customers. The professionals associated with these services can be recruited through IT recruitment agencies that can help to provide the best talent available in the market and help to incorporate rich graphic designing skills and high end programming skills which can prove beneficial to the organization. IT recruitment agencies can also provide internet application development solutions on contract basis and help the organization to cut on cost involved with the process. The IT recruitment agencies can help organization to gain the maximum benefits using the fast growing solutions provided by internet application development. These solutions can help to manage website which can run an online business and hence increase the online business for an organization. These services can also help to provide solutions for mobile phones and help to access the internet using the phone. This includes applications such as windows, iphone and various other applications which can be supported by the mobile phone.

    Internet application development has gained popularity …

  • Affiliate Marketing Tips You Must Try Today!
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    Affiliate Marketing Tips You Must Try Today!

    The world of affiliate marketing is huge. It’s also very profitable, and you can definitely start a career in it. There is a wealth of information and affiliate marketing tips available that can help you succeed. This article will give you lots of tips to get started.

    Try entering a secret link. There is a hidden technique that allows you to bake lots of affiliate links into your text without being completely clear. Use these techniques, but be honest about them. Let your readers know what’s behind the link so you don’t surprise them.

    You want to create a bulletin that draws attention to action. Long gone are days when people are eager to have a full inbox at the beginning of the day. Today, people try to make sure they don’t receive spam, so if you make an interesting bulletin, it will help.

    You must know how your business is going. Position the link at the top, in the middle or at the end of the article to see the difference in position in your visitor statistics. Use the same exact link information each time, only placed in different content positions.

    The 100 percent commission program is not always as scam as you might think. There is a reason and logic behind this so do not quickly uninstall these programs before you understand how they can do it. This number is generally offered because you only pay for sales upfront while they still benefit from the subscription. Pay attention to offers like that because this can be a lucrative deal.

    Many affiliate marketers try too hard to become “super” affiliates. They put their energy in too many places, they choose too many products, and they have too many promotions at the same time to stay competitive effectively on one …