• Why is Abode Flex a Popular Platform For RIA?
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    Why is Abode Flex a Popular Platform For RIA?

    Adobe Flex has acquired worldwide acclaim as one of the best platform for building Rich Internet Applications along with Adobe Flash. Flex is the latest technology on Macromedia flash software that can provide with full fledged web applications development environment. The Flex applications are popularly built on Flex SDK, Adobe Flex Builder 3. This is due to several reasons its high productivity, free open source framework, and ability to make expressive web applications.

    It is a very efficient application that can be run on any of the browser with Flash player and on the desktop with Adobe AIR. Not only this, Flex can also provide with real time data with the help of server side technologies such as Java, , or PHP.

     The components of Flex Builder include Abode LiveCycle Data Services ES, Adobe Flex Charting, and Adobe Flex SDK. This is advantageous for the developers as well as the end-users as this kind of programming module enables you to build scalable and reliable solutions.

     Flex also provides with the facility to redesign as and when required.

     Business systems, network, communication standalone custom solutions, CRM and ERP systems, video and audio messaging solutions are possible with Flex.

    Several development and programming solutions can be built by flex such as business analysis and specification development, client side programming, server side programming, and Flash design in Flex. It is a medium through which you can build engaging desktop applications that can enrich your web based applications. Hope this helps you to build better RIA through Adobe flex.…

  • Internet Application Development and the Solutions
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    Internet Application Development and the Solutions

    With the growth in the IT industry many organization have started to demand for internet application development solutions which can help to provide these organizations with complete online solutions. These solutions include website designing, development, e-commerce solutions, web promotion and SEO (search engine optimization) and web site maintenance services. Internet application development can provide the best technologies available in the market and provide simple, classy and efficient web solutions. The websites which are created using this solution is fast loading and has excellent navigation along with top search engine ratings. The pages are designed to meet international standards and can include professional website designing, rich graphic designing, logo designing and various other web based solutions.

    Internet application development solutions can help to create smart websites which can attract a large number of visitors and can help to convert them into customers. The professionals associated with these services can be recruited through IT recruitment agencies that can help to provide the best talent available in the market and help to incorporate rich graphic designing skills and high end programming skills which can prove beneficial to the organization. IT recruitment agencies can also provide internet application development solutions on contract basis and help the organization to cut on cost involved with the process. The IT recruitment agencies can help organization to gain the maximum benefits using the fast growing solutions provided by internet application development. These solutions can help to manage website which can run an online business and hence increase the online business for an organization. These services can also help to provide solutions for mobile phones and help to access the internet using the phone. This includes applications such as windows, iphone and various other applications which can be supported by the mobile phone.

    Internet application development has gained popularity …

  • The Importance of Rich Internet Application Development and Further Implementation
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    The Importance of Rich Internet Application Development and Further Implementation

    Being digital is only wise if a business knows how to do it right. Now, you might start thinking, “What’s so hard about that?” Not what you do, but how you do it. Merely developing an attractive business website and filling its pages with some amount of content isn’t going to do any good to your company. Instead, if you leave you website unattended, you are seriously risking the prospects of your company’s online reputation.

    I have been working as a digital media expert for over 7 years now. Improving the functionalities of a given business site is, of course, a part of my regular course of work. And in these 7 years, there’s an important fact I discovered. Without leveraging the potential of web applications, businesses have little hope of improving their chances of striking gold with digital media efforts. This is how rich Internet applications were deemed to be extremely useful, as far as digitalization of a business is concerned.

    Rich Internet application development is no longer treated as an extension to the regular scope of online business promotion efforts. Instead, it is treated as something equally important to that of development and deployment of a business website.

    Web applications are built to serve a particular purpose, I mean, that’s what happens usually. For instance, if a business is interested to offer an option to the regular site visitors to purchase products directly from the site, an exclusive eCommerce application must be built for the purpose. Care must be take that the solution is not flawed. There’s no point in luring a visitor towards the application, and then breaking his hope as the app fails to run as expected. This calls for close monitoring by the guys who developed the software solution, of course. If there are any …

  • Rich Internet Application Development
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    Rich Internet Application Development

    Rich Internet Applications bring web development to a completely new level. This application makes the website more attractive, interactive and feature rich. Google Maps and Google Docs are examples of RIA. Rich Internet Application Development is widely used in the fields of online games, online word processing etc. They work similar to desktop applications where they transfer processes to a web client and store bulk data on the application server. RIA developers use different frameworks to develop these applications with Ajax, Curl, GWT, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Java, JavaFX, Mozilla XUL, OpenLaszlo, and Microsoft Silverlight being the most popular.

    Rich Internet Application Development has become a core marketing philosophy for many businesses who want to make the most of the Internet and market their business. They changed the rules of business promotion on the Internet and gave businesses a sharp edge over their competitors. The biggest advantage of developing RIA is that users can connect to websites and use applications of their choice without the need to install them in a local system that provides a lot of flexibility when running a business.

    Offshore development centers around the world offer RIA development services. India is one of the hottest centers for this development practice. There are tons of developers waiting to turn your business dreams into reality. Transfer your custom development projects to these companies and you can be sure that your work will be done by some of the best developers in the world. What’s more, you will get great support services after developing your project and all that will come with a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time developer!

    Tips for RIA Development

    Hire an established service company if you choose to outsource your RIA development. This is a relatively new application development platform …

  • Rich Internet Application - The Road to RIA
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    Rich Internet Application – The Road to RIA

    In this era of Information Technology, the Internet has become more than a simple information desk. Now, the Internet provides entertainment, automates business processing, and manages everyday utilities. The evolving Internet leaves its users asking questions of “What next?”. The HTML web pages are no more amusing and have become obsolete. Internet users are looking for personalized Internet which is offered by generating intelligent and dynamic web pages that have more than just plain old HTML tagged content. Web applications that provide entertaining interactions and experiences are called Rich Internet Applications or simply RIA.

    RIA are applications that run on our web browsers in form of lightweight plug-ins that are not only machine independent but also are cross platform, i.e. they can run over any OS platforms. RIAs typically deliver enthralling user experiences that leave the user asking for more. This improves user satisfaction and increases productivity.

    RIAs stand up to the rising user expectations and queries by offering a “no refresh” look to your website. RIA is an ideal option to put up graphics, animations, online gaming and audio and video multimedia on your webpage, portal, or forum. And finally, the best part of RIAs is that they deliver consistent solutions and keep pace with the evolving Internet.

    An RIA can be developed using many popular frameworks like Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, and AJAX to name a few of them. AJAX is an acronym for asynchronized JavaScript and XML. Flex uses ActionSrcipt; and as for Silverlight, it is built on the all-powerful  architecture.…