• Microsoft NET Framework Secure Coding Guidelines
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    Microsoft NET Framework Secure Coding Guidelines

    A report published by SANS in September 2009 entitled “The Top Cyber Security Risks” found that web application attacks constituted more than 60% of the total attacks observed on the Internet. SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS) and file inclusion were the three most popular techniques used in successful attacks. All three are the direct result of lax data validation and insecure code.

    The easiest and most effective way to implement data validation on forms within your web application is to use the validator controls provided by  Framework. The Validator Control provides validation of form data sent in POST requests on the server side and data entered on the client side using JavaScript.

    There are six controls included in the framework: RequireFieldValidator, CompareValidator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator, and CustomValidator.

    Parameterised SQL queries are a secure alternative to concatenating chunks of SQL syntax with user input and prevent SQL injections. Placeholders are used to represent where user input will be substituted into a query, and the user input is validated before substitution occurs. Using parameterised queries also offers some performance benefit, as strings are no longer being concatenated, which can be computationally intensive.

    The Microsoft Anti-XSS Library is an encoding library designed to help developers protect against cross-site scripting attacks. This provides a whitelist approach that defines a valid or permitted character set and encodes anything outside that set.

    Request validation is a feature that is activated by default in the Framework which identifies suspicious user input strings and stops the execution of pages by throwing exceptions. However, that will not prevent all possible attacks and should not be relied on.

    It is important to have defense in depth, as it is possible that one or more aspects of your information security may be circumvented or broken at any time.…

  • You Really Can Make Money With Your Computer
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    You Really Can Make Money With Your Computer

    You may be wondering if it is really possible to make money with your computer. I am here to tell you firsthand, that it really is possible for you to earn more with an internet business, than you could ever imagine.

    You see an internet business is a much faster option to starting a business for you to make money. Unlike a business on the street that takes a lot of money as well as a long time to build up customers, your internet business can “grow like wildfire”. How is this possible you may be wondering? Let me show you some of the benefits of your online business as opposed to an offline business.

    This is why you will make money with your computer, much faster than an offline business:

    – When you first set up your make money website, you are now global. In other words, you will be making sales from all over the world. It would be pretty hard to reach the world with an offline business.

    – You can reach customers instantly. By simply sending out one email, you can reach people all over the world. It only takes seconds and costs you absolutely nothing.

    – To make money online, you need traffic or visitors to your website. With a simple computer and internet connection, you can learn how to drive a steady stream of ready to buy customers in no time. As you learn more about marketing your online business, you will find that there are many ways of driving traffic to your website for free.

    – With an online business, you can make as much money as you want from the comfort of your home. There is no set salary, unlike your job, your income online can and will grow quickly with no …

  • Deleting Porn Pictures From Your Computer is Not Enough to Get Rid of Them For Good
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    Deleting Porn Pictures From Your Computer is Not Enough to Get Rid of Them For Good

    Need To Get Porn Pics Off Your Computer?

    Have you been downloading porn pictures on your PC and find yourself needing to get them off of your computer so no one will see them? Perhaps someone else has been downloading pictures from porn sites onto your computer. Either way, if you want to get rid of them and be sure they are gone for good then read on.

    These Unwanted Files Could Be Scattered All Over Your Computer

    Porn pictures viewed on websites and downloaded to your computer can find their way into several locations on your computer so it can be difficult to find them all. An added complication is that online adult material you might want to remove from your computer could be in several different picture formats. So even if you were able to dig up all the JPEG format photos, you may be leaving behind gifs and pictures in other formats too.

    Trying To Do This By Hand Could Take Forever

    You can use the basic search functionality in Windows to do a search for picture files. You may have to do repeated searches for the different file types to make sure you get them all. Then when you do you’ll need to delete them from your computer.

    Just Deleting Porn Pictures Is Not Enough To Get Rid Of Them

    The only problem with simply deleting porn pictures from your computer is that for all intents and purposes they are still there on your computer. You see, deleting files doesn’t actually erase the files you delete. It just frees up space on your computer but until you erase or overwrite the files, including unwanted porn pictures, the data is still there and easily accessible with even a simple undelete program.…

  • Speed Up Windows 7 Tips
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    Speed Up Windows 7 Tips

    All of us are aware that there are a number of reasons that may actually cause a computer to slow down, with the main one being passage of time and all programs being installed and uninstalled. But when you are dealing with something as specific as a slow Windows 7 problem and you have been noticing a gradual deterioration in performance then you know that you would have to take immediate steps to speed up Windows 7.

    So let us look at some of the most probable and common reasons that may be causing the problems, amongst the many others that may be the actual culprit which is producing these issues and how you can resolve them.

    a) Existence of many registry errors which is due to the not cleaning and or doing maintenance on the system registry. These may have accumulated over time.

    b) The buildup of several useless temporary internet files that may be clogging and utilizing space on your hard disk. This is due to you not defragmenting the hard disk for a long time and you are required to do that on a regular basis.

    c) Memory insufficiency that can only be resolved through appropriate upgrade of both the RAM as well as the hard disk capacity so that it can store more data comfortably.

    d) The various drivers not being up to date. This can also slow down the system. You need to identify and ensure they are suitably upgraded for optimum efficiency.

    While the issues mentioned above are quite common, the other good news is that you can easily resolve them and speed up Windows 7 again quite quickly. You only require to follow a strict regimen of tuning up your system on a weekly basis so that you are never faced with a …

  • How to Compete With a Computer in the Internet World of Less Than Pure Opinion
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    How to Compete With a Computer in the Internet World of Less Than Pure Opinion

    Today, the social networks are busy being data mined by political strategists, corporations, and marketing companies. They want to survey everyone in the world without their knowledge of this fact, and they want to gather all of their opinions, and use the information for their gain. Now then, if you have an opinion of your own, and a strong belief about something, that is to say if you stand for something in your life, it in the future you may not be able to compete with computers due to the Internet. Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?

    Artificially intelligent computers coming through the cloud of humanity, collecting all the data online which has ever been written, tweeted, or pictorialized – will be able to understand human preference, and opinions down to the individual. It doesn’t matter if you post your name on the Internet, it can sift through all the information, and it will know who said what. Anonymized data is a silly false sense of security. By collecting all of this information, corporations will custom tailor their marketing and products, along with their targeted messages to sell more, and in doing so they will change the social dynamics of our world.

    Political campaigns are already using this data to carefully construct manipulative messages to garner your support and vote. Obviously once they get into office, they will continue to use this data and information to manipulate and control the masses. The mindless masses have no idea what’s going on, and it may even be too late. Worse, they may not even care because they feel as if their needs, wants, and desires are being taken care of. But are they really their own wishes, or are they that of the Borg? Yes, we are entering …