• Guide To A Career In IT-Enabled Services
    Computer Science

    Guide To A Career In IT-Enabled Services

    Computer Science, as a degree, is still fairly new in the academe. But nowadays, a lot of companies rely heavily on computer programs to manage their vast data base. A company aiming to compete in the global marketplace simply can’t do without a reliable computer program, whether it is used for sales pipeline management, customer management systems, accounting and payroll systems or simply as a medium to promote itself, every single company would need a computer at one or more of its departments. Consequently this trend has sparked a rising demand for IT professionals and the remarkable evolution and development of computer science has paved the way for some of the most exciting and high paying jobs in the market. In fact, global IT related career has more than doubled since 2006. A 2006 salary survey for IT professionals showed a range from $71,930 to 118,100.

    Even after the hiring process, some companies invest heavily in training their employees and some require its employees to pursue their education and earn IT certifications. Database Applications and Concepts, Desktop Publishing and Basic System and Network administration are some of the fundamental elements of a degree in Computer Science. All of these fall into software and database category.

    Technological savvy people and particularly, those who excel in the fields of math and science would find that a degree in computer science is a suitable course that could be a springboard for a high paying job. Companies in search of talent for a computer related discipline are looking for professionals with a computer related college degree. Entry-level employees in IT-enabled services outfit usually start with a bachelor or associates degree.

    A Bachelor’s degree in computer science can open endless career prospects for anyone. Usually, course syllabus for these programs includes math-related courses and courses …

  • A Close Analysis of the Department of Computer Science
    Computer Science

    A Close Analysis of the Department of Computer Science

    In today’s world, the rules of technology and the more traditional old ways of doing things have taken a back seat to the use of computers and the new technology of the world. Because of this fact, the majors that are most useful for students today are majors that will ultimately affect the future, Computer Science.

    Computer Science is one of the newer majors in the world, largely due to the rapid advancement of technology from generation to generation. Computer Science is the present and the future; this is the study of current information and calculation technology. Because it is very new, it combines a large number of smaller fields of study such as computer graphics but also handles more computing problems such as complex theories of computation. The point is that this is what will bring the world to a new era of better technology and a world where difficult things can be done very easily.

    Computers are the future of the world. Everything is getting smaller, but they are also becoming stronger, more mobile, smarter, and easier to use by the public. Almost all of that has to do with Computer Science. Scientists must understand how things work, how to make them more accessible, how to make them stronger, and above all how to improve on previous work. Mobile phones are a perfect example of the fast evolution of cellphones. In my life span, 17 years, the phone has from inside a car, to portable, to the size of a regular telephone, to a smaller than ordinary telephone, to be thinner, to be stronger, to browse the internet, and to Bluetooth. All of this, happening in less than 15 years, imagine 15 years from now? What will be the telephone, car and computer? Only the work of Computer …

  • Cobol, the Aging Language That Won't Go Away
    Computer Science

    Cobol, the Aging Language That Won’t Go Away

    Cobol stands for COmmon Business-Oriented Language. This is a programming language that has been around since the early 60’s. Yet, it is still used by a lot of huge businesses. Why would businesses stick with Cobol when there are plenty of newer and more powerful object oriented languages?

    One reason is that to rearchitecture an entire system is very costly. Think about it, you would need to hire programmers who are knowledgeable about Cobol and the language the code will be “translated” to. These programmers are hard to find and won’t come cheap!

    If it works then don’t fix it. This is a very true and makes complete sense. Upgrading does a few things; it could increase speed, fix bugs and even be more efficient. Some companies are very content with Cobol and there is really nothing wrong with it. Therefore, it is kept.

    Can learning Cobol still be beneficial? Absolutely! Many big businesses that still use Cobol are seeing a very interesting and troublesome problem. Most of their Cobol programmers are getting to the point of retirement. So, hire new ones! Therein lies a problem with this, most colleges to don’t teach Cobol anymore, they have moved on to newer and better languages.

    It is definitely smart for college students in the Computer Science field to learn Cobol. This language can help them in finding a job with ease after graduation. Many companies look for younger college students who know Cobol. By taking a course or just learning it on your own, you can separate yourself from all the other Computer Science majors. That difference or separation would be that you know Cobol and they don’t.

    Cobol is very similar and very different from your newer languages. Cobol allows you to do a lot of the same things that …

  • How to Choose a Career With Long Term Goals in Mind?
    Computer Science

    How to Choose a Career With Long Term Goals in Mind?

    Tip 1: Career choice should cater long term goals

    Everyone has his / her personal choice about future. Students who graduate from various engineering streams like Electrical, Civil etc readily get jobs in software sector. However, rather than going for a job that is easily available, it is wiser to wait and try for a career that could help their long term goal.

    Tip 2: Career that closely reflects one’s area of expertise could be the best choice:

    Though it has become a trend for any graduate to get into a software company, greater chances are that graduates with computer science background would do well in the career. By this, for an electrical engineer or civil engineer it is really advisable to look for a career in their respective fields to prove more successful. However this tip shouldn’t be misinterpreted that only computer science graduates do well at software jobs, for I have friends from Geo Informatics! who really outperform several computer science graduatess at my office.

    Tip 3: Choose a career path that has less competition

    This is a flat world with huge competition. You may choose a small sized good company rather than giants in the field if you would like to move up the hierarchy more quickly. But ensure the company has a good recent history and vision.

    Tip 4: Career choice can help your higher education dreams!

    You may be wishing to pursue MBA ( Business Administration ) say after two years. In that case you might choose a career that is not purely technical but also related to managerial / marketing tasks. Also there are companies which sponsor courses, especially in business administration after certain experience and individual’s preference. You may opt such companies

    Conclusion: All the very best for your wonderful career. Be informed …

  • Get an Online Degree
    Computer Science

    Get an Online Degree

    The online learning curriculum will not last if it were not for the skills of trained computer science graduates. In fact, online studies have an ancestor in computer-aided teaching programs that were founded in the 1960s at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

    Online learning is becoming mainstream

    During classes in the past ten years, online study has really become a viable option, especially for students whose schedules require flexibility. Some stable computer science programs currently offer online degrees and also a combination of programs on campus / online. Both options allow busy students to study and work. Furthermore, more independent students have a tendency to become an online major on computers.

    It is important to consider the needs of each student before engaging in any online computer degree. Whether you plan to take a computer science course or you plan to complete a course to have a degree, you must assess your options first. Computer science majors can be better prepared than the majority of online learning practices. In addition, it is more profitable to have regular access to your professors online when the majority of your subjects are conducted and completed on the computer. Another benefit of online computer degrees is that students can adjust their schedules because most students work at the same time.

    Choosing a Computer Science Program

    If you choose that an online course is an accurate path to getting your bachelor’s degree, be sure to look for and check the accreditation conditions of each school on your list. You can verify their accreditation on the U.S. Department of Education Website Most significantly, you have to think about your career goals and decide on a course whether studying online or on campus. Future administrators must seek a degree with the fewest requirements, however, students who …