• Cloud Computing and Developers
    Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing and Developers

    Cloud Computing is spreading and impacting business enterprise models of IT corporations already established. Inside the brief term will likely see the implementations of options in Cloud complementing the existing options inside the classic model. But inside the extended run, the cloud model will progressively replace the existing personal computer model. Even so, its effects are already becoming felt. Recently Microsoft had to bend to this new environment, as well as started providing this model its Office suite, its major supply of revenue, which generated income in billion dollars in 2009.

    The strategies adopted vary according to the size and maturity of the IT areas of business. Large corporations are taking their first steps toward adopting Cloud Computing private clouds, while small firms choose public clouds. Nevertheless, providers of public clouds developed proprietary platforms for establishing cloud applications, attempting to win the hearts and minds of developers. Moreover, we are beginning to revive another war for space (remember the endless debate between. Net and Java?), But now with Amazon, Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft (Azure) trying to conquer this market. Yes, it is an important target, because the developers are that in practice, are responsible for connecting organizations with their clouds. IBM, in turn, has a unique method, which leaves out of this fight by tools for public clouds. Bet that, no less than initially, but developers can use the cloud model, but to create applications which will run within the standard setting or in private clouds. Does not focus on developing applications to run on public clouds. Personally, I believe that this option is very interesting for medium to large businesses, which tend to keep their data centers internally, using them in private clouds.

    The current scenario is still undefined. Developers have to create applications to a cloud platform focused …